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The company is focused on exact CNC tooling.

We process both material from our own stock ( 12040.6, 12050.6, 15236.6, 15320.5, 1.4541, 24 CrMoV5, 21CrMoV57, X22CrMoV12-1, A193 B7, A193 B16,…..), and material supplied by the customer.
Stocking the material by resolution of individual melt is commonplace.
Series is from 1 pc up to middle series (limited by machine time and term requested by customers).

Production based on customers documentation, eventually own structural processing, which is submitted to the customer for his approval.
Technical delivery conditions according to the customer, rigorous transferring of melt number on each and every product in the form of micro-percussion mark, unless arranged with customer otherwise.
We communicate prices upon inquiry.

During removal from the storage, every delivery is fitted with metallurgic certificate of starting material, with mark of particular parallel product. (During material process by company JEPAS s.r.o.)

We are able to manage each order in a complex way, which means from constructional preparation of production, the production itself, required test completion, packaging to shipping to the customer.
Particular extent is arranged and agreed by customer.